Dr Eve Olney is a socially engaged artist, activist, educator, curator and independent practice-based researcher. Eveleadsthe collaborative curatorial scheme and anti-neoliberal praxis of Art, Architecture, Activism https://www.facebook.com/inhabitingthebageion/and https://www.spareroomproject.ie/.


She is a member of Athenian-based urban activist group,Urban React, https://www.facebook.com/Kesariani-Refugee-housing-Reaktivierung-1153342938049483/and https://urbanreact.wordpress.com/.https://www.spareroomproject.ie/urban-react


She is a founding member of the LivingCommons,https://www.spareroomproject.ie/living-commonsdeveloping a direct democratic,non-profit commoning living scheme based in Ireland. She is a founding member of Aesthetix of Empowerment, a feminist research and training collective, based in Ireland and Athens. She is a member of the advisory council of TRISE (Transnational Institute of Social Ecology) http://trise.org/She has produced multiple cultural and social projects (both nationally and internationally) that serve as activist platforms for projects tackling precariousliving conditions. Her work is published/exhibited across national and international forums and her public talks focus on cultivating alternative practice-based approaches to revealing and rupturing oppressive neoliberal structures by engaging in social ecological commoning processes.

Academic Qualifications

•2012 Doctor of Philosophy (Practice-based PhD) at Centre for Transcultural Research and Media Practice (CTMP), School of Media, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

•2005 PG Cert Third Level Learning and Teaching, Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

•2001BA (Hons) Degree Film and Photography, Napier University, Edinburgh.



•2020/2021 Participatory Art Project Award, Irish Arts Council.

•2020 Artist in Community Award for Development with Mentorship Fund, CREATE IRELAND•2019 Arts Participation, Next Generation Award, Irish Arts Council

•2018/9Arts Grant Project Funding Visual Arts 2018 for Art Architecture Activism collaborative project.Arts Council of Ireland Funding

•2017 Culture Ireland Funding for Inhabiting the Bageion: architecture as critique(Athens 2017) Art Architecture Activism•2017 Arts Council of Ireland Travel and Training Award(Kaisariani, Athens field work)



•2020 P/T Lecturer teaching MA_AP Masters Thesis Module (Masters in Art, Art and Process) Crawford Art College CIT,

•2020 Dublin School of Architecture, Bolton St.

•2016-2019 External Examiner for Sligo IT Contextual Studies in Fine Art. •2017 -_ Visiting LecturerMASPACE, Limerick School of Art and Design .

•2014-2017 Lecturerin cultural/art/political theory across the Masters of Architecture (M.Arch) programme at CCAE (UCC/CIT).I ran and wrote the Contextual Studies Lecture series, ranand supervised the Design Thesis module and taught in Design Studio and Design Exhibition.


Current/Recent projects include

•2021 The Living Commons Project: Reconfiguring the Social. Irish Arts Council, Funded. Participatory Art Project Award.

•2020: Participating artist in My Generationproject, led by The Glucksman, Cork Migration Centre and artist Kate O’Shea.In development: Series of workshops of ‘commoning-based collective design’ with members of a Dublin community in artist led project HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Led by Kate O’Shea and COMMON GROUND (IRE).

•Jan 2020 –April 2020 Curator with PLUCK Projects and Midsummer Arts Festival curating multi-sitedprojects by artists, Jessica Akerman, Rita Duffy. Pádraig Spillane, Anne French, David Mathúna and others.

•ONGOING: THE LIVING COMMONS: Co-operative/commoning model (non-profit company). Co-Director a growing collectiveof cultural thinkers, activist asylum seekers, artists, architects and urban activists based in Ireland whose main objective is to move beyond the current prolific wave of activism around the housing crisis by creating a radical alternative non-profit, social ecological, self sustaining co-operative-livingand workingscheme.

•ONGOING: AESTHETIX OF EMPOWERMENT We are a feminist research and training collective that address 'invisible' oppressive power structures within activist groups. Through collaborative creative practice we find aesthetics to reveal and challenge patriarchal attitudes and behaviours.

•ONGOING: NOVICODE; Collaborating with Athenian-based participatory theatre artist, Spyros Tsiknas in developing an integrated scheme of dealing with conflict and non-violent action within activist groups and community based projects. Supported by CREATE Ireland.

•ONGOING: Developing a non-expert, people-led process of Commons-based Collective Design that foregrounds experience as valid knowledge in collectively building self-organised communities in tandem with the material and institutional infrastructures that will sustain communities within a direct democratic living/working scheme.

•2018 -2019Curator /Co-Producer/Artist of the 2NDIteration of ArtˑArchitectureˑActivism:SPARE ROOM [Cork 2019] (funded by Irish Arts Council) -a curatorial model that employs art exhibition/ practice as an interface for activism and social projects. Co-producing 5 cross disciplinary projects for an exhibition in Cork, Ireland September 2019. Each project is developed as a long-term social housing project.

SPARE ROOM is a two week exhibition, of 13 exhibitions and 23 workshops and live performance, that inhabits a disused building–former TSB Bank -in Cork City Centre.

2017-June 2018

•Critical cultural consultant on social artist Seamus Nolan’s Collaborative Arts Participation Programme project ‘Travellers Collection’ (CREATE, Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin City Gallery) which involves running workshops with Traveller groups around Ireland regarding explorative archival framing of notions of representation in relation to Traveller past and heritage and discussing how a National Travellers Archive might come into being.

•2017 Project initiator and lead curator in -Inhabiting the Bageion: architecture as critique(2017) (Culture Irelandand Self-funded) –an exhibition of Art, Architecture and Activism that occupied a derelict four-storey neo-classical hotel in central Athens and included collaborative workshops of Collective Design and Production in collaboration with an Irish and Athenian-based team of participants -that gathered discarded material from around Athens and produced work for the Notara 26 refugee occupation in Exarchia, Athens. https://www.facebook.com/inhabitingthebageion

•2017-ONGOING_ Lead collaborative artist/ethnographer in KAISARIANI: A CULTURALLY EMBODIED MUSEUM2017(Arts Council travel fund) in collaboration Urban React–a multi media artwork that critically integrates the biographies of the inhabitants of a 1930s refugee housing block with the conflicted socio-political history of the building in framing the block as a living cultural museum. This work has been exhibited in Cork and Dublin (2019), Bern (2018) and Athens (2017)

Video links: https://www.spareroomproject.ie/urban-react


Recent Publications

•2021‘Collective Design as a social ecological praxis of community building’, The Legacy of Murray BookchinCanada:BLACK ROSE BOOKS.

•2020‘Collective Design: Moving social art practice beyond representational ‘rehearsals’ into concrete social solutions’. PassepartoutJournal of Art Theory and Historyissue 40,"New Infrastructures, Performative Infrastructures in the Art Field". Aarhus University, Denmark.

•UPCOMING. Cultivating a Culture of Resistance through the Living Commons. (TRISE Athens Conference Publication).

•November 19, 2019, Direct democracy and the passion for political participation, ROAR Magazine.

Eve Olney interview with Yavor Tarinski. https://roarmag.org/essays/direct-democracy-yavor-tarinski/•October 2019 Prologuein ‘Direct Democracy: Context, Society and Individuality’, by Yavor Tarinski, Publisher DurtyBooks IRE

•April2019 ‘AWink of Recognition’ Land Sea Signal review Sept 2018, Red Rua Gallery, Dublin ;Enclave Review, UCC.

•Spring 2019 ‘What Might a Travellers’ National Collection Look Like’. In Seamus Nolan’s, CREATE’s and Hugh Lane’s publicationThe Traveller Collection.

•February 2019. ‘Understanding the Local’. Common Ground publication. Quarter Block Party 2018

•Autumn 2018 ‘MAKINGPOLITICS: Urban React’s Kaisariani Project’ in Durty Words, ed. Kate O’Shea, Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick Institute of Technology.

•Spring 2019 ‘What Might a Travellers’ National Collection Look Like’. In Seamus Nolan’s, CREATE’s and Hugh Lane’s publicationThe Traveller Collection.


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