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Malleable realities

Wall and floor installations, mixed media drawing and collage combined  with organic life forms, plastics and digital images

The mixed-media wall and floor installations comprise drawings and collage combined with three-dimensional objects made from organic life forms, recycled materials, and layered digitised images. 

The work presents a speculative vision of our natural world where various materials are intertwined suggesting the creation of new species.


The repetition and distortion of forms and colours through the process of printing and manipulating scanned images symbolises the notion of reproduction through the use of technology.

The plastic – shaped like leaves – and the digitised hybrids of plants and human body parts are reminders of biological mimicry in which interspecific hybrids simultaneously compete and are entangled with one another.


This disturbing image is an invitation to question the relationship between human and non-human entities and enhance our awareness of the over-use of synthetics, a potent reminder of our current ecological crisis.

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