My artistic concerns for the current ecological crisis are influenced by concepts and theories of plant culture, including plant blindness, post-naturalism, and hybrid material. The diverse quality of the artworks combined with plant life forms highlights the contrast between the impermanent organic elements that transform and decay and the more static materials that reflect humanity's legacy on earth.


My aim is to present a speculative vision of our natural world where various materials are intertwined suggesting the creation of new species and to enhance our awareness of the over-use of synthetics.


I’m interested in pushing the boundaries of drawing in an unconventional way. The more traditional approach is used as a starting point to construct the work and to create a continuity and connection between the various mediums and materials.

The act of drawing is challenged by transferring it digitally and by transforming it into a 3 dimensional artwork.


 The creative process includes repetition of layering and distortion of lines, forms and colours through the process of printing and manipulated scanned images symbolising plant and human biorhythm, and the notion of reproduction through the use of technology.


The drawings and the digitised hybrids of plants and human body parts entangled with plastics are reminders of the notion of biological mimicry in which organisms simultaneously evolve to resemble, and compete with one another.