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A speculative vision of future hybrid plants

A combination of human body parts,plastics and plant life forms

'Inspired by the creativity of female pioneers working in sound, electronics and engineering the exhibition Woman in the Machine explores aspects of our current technological moment.

Technology surrounds and incorporates us, virtual worlds replicate and extend our habitats, tiny robots assist in our health care, personal care and maintenance of our environments. We exist in databanks, networked and encrypted, speculating and designing our technological future.

Woman in the Machine presents a platform for thinking about our relationship to technology. It features work by artists working in sound, film, electronics, photography, light, sculpture, painting, performance and on digital platforms.

The works presented here have been selected through Carlow Arts Festival and VISUAL’s annual open submission ARTWORKS 2021; from the Arts Council Collection; and by invitation to create new work in response to the former Braun Factory site.

This exhibition has been curated by VISUAL Carlow..' Curated by Rosa Abbott

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